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Multi-tank series reaction unit & Continuous tank reactor

Tank reactors are generally composed of shells, jackets, agitators, inlet and outlet nozzles, sealing devices, reducers, and motors. They are widely used in small tests and industrial production. Chemical reactors are generally classified according to operating conditions. For normal pressure and pressurized conditions, the general small test uses glass reactors for normal pressure conditions, and stainless steel is used for pressurization, and the structure is designed with upper and lower heads.

Glass Continuous Purification Reactor

The device is mainly used to remove trace moisture, metal impurities and particles in the product. For some special processes, it is necessary to add deacidification equipment to the system. The entire purification device consists of raw material tank, adsorption column, mixing kettle, filter, precision filter It is composed of a device, an inlet and outlet pump, a product tank, a waste liquid tank and related instruments.

Fixed bed catalytic reaction and hydrogenation unit

The device can be used for hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, oxidation, reforming, cracking and other reactions under normal pressure or under pressure. The device adopts fixed bed, trickle bed and other types of reactors, generally adopts open electric heating furnace, and can also adopt circulating heat transfer oil or steam heating method according to process requirements.

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