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Application of Molecular Distillation in the Separation of Volatile Components of Silicone Oil and Resin

Thin-film distillation and short-path distillation are two commonly used separation techniques that are widely used in the separation of volatile components of silicone oils and resins. This article will explain in detail the principles and applications of these two technologies and their application in the separation of volatile components of silicone oil and resin.

Application of Molecular Distillation in Oil Deacidification

Oil deacidification is an important step in food processing, which aims to remove free fatty acids in oil and improve its quality and stability. Traditional deacidification methods have some limitations, such as low efficiency, high energy consumption, and loss of nutrients. In recent years, molecular distillation technology has gradually attracted attention as a new deacidification method. This article will introduce the application of molecular distillation in oil deacidification, including the principle, operation process and advantages, and focus on the outstanding advantages of Aishengke in molecular distillation technology.

Application of Molecular Distillation Technology in Vitamin Extraction

  Vitamins are products that are closely related to people's lives, and have become one of the main bulk products in the international pharmaceutical and health care products market. The amount of vitamin E is the largest, followed by vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D and so on. With the growth of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for vitamin products will further increase, and people's requirements for their quality and grade will also further increase. Therefore, as an important separation technology in the production of many vitamins, molecular Distillation technology will also play an increasingly important role in the vitamin industry.

Application of Molecular Distillation in Monoglyceride Production

Molecular distillation technology is widely used in the food industry, mainly for the separation of mixed oils. High-purity products with w (monoglycerides) > 90% can be obtained. The monoglyceride molecules are evaporated from the surface of the distillate and cooled immediately to achieve separation.

Application of Molecular Distillation in Fish Oil Refining

The EPA+DHA content of the product obtained by molecular distillation and refined fish oil reaches 72.5%, the recovery rate reaches 70%, light color, pure smell, and low peroxide value.

Application of Molecular Distillation in Pharmaceutical Purification

  Molecular distillation is a common chemical method used to separate and purify compounds. In the pharmaceutical industry, molecular distillation is widely used in pharmaceutical purification. This article will focus on the application of molecular distillation in pharmaceutical purification and provide some specific examples.

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