Aishengke Company Organizes Group Building Trips

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An excellent team culture produces excellent people.


Purpose and significance of team building activities:

1. Improve feelings and team cohesion
2. Reflect the company's care and realize the combination of work and rest
3. Show employees' personal charm and explore potential
  In order to benefit the physical and mental health of employees, exercise everyone's physical quality, improve team cohesion, strengthen employee communication and exchanges, enrich employees' spare-time cultural life, and cultivate the good quality of tenacious struggle and courage.
  According to everyone's discussion, the group building activity of Aishengke Company in October will be set as: a two-day tour of Changzhou Taihu Bay Camping Valley Camping Valley!
 Introduction to Taihu Bay Camping Valley Scenic Spot:
Taihuwan Camping Valley is located in Wujin Taihuwan Tourist Resort, Changzhou City, close to Taihu Lake and adjacent to the famous scenic spot Changzhou Play Valley. The innovative scenic spot is also a one-stop outdoor leisure experience where you can relax on a one-day trip, or stay overnight for a two-day micro-vacation.

  Taihu Bay Camping Valley covers an area of ​​nearly 700 acres. There are five major sections: RV camping, ecological recreation, agricultural experience, expansion base, and lattice bar street.

  The RV camping area includes large and small camp RVs, tent hotels, wooden villas, luxury tents, outdoor tents... There are also rare mushroom houses in China.

  There are more than a dozen kinds of outdoor amusement projects such as slippery grass, glass plank road, tree-shaded fishing, and children's camps, which are close to nature.

  The agricultural experience includes a snail farm feeding small animals, regaining the fun of fishing for fish and shrimps, farm waterwheels, farm stoves... away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  The expansion base includes adult development, youth outdoor camps, real CS... The facilities are standardized and comprehensive.

  In the grid bar street, you can choose a variety of food such as Chinese and Western food, pasta, desserts, etc., play chess and cards, chat at the bar, watch the performances on the starry sky stage, and relax.

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