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Aishengke company's business involves fine chemicals, electronic special gases, semiconductors, petrochemicals, biopharmaceuticals, energy and environmental protection and other fields. It has core technologies in the design of reaction equipment, crystallization concentration, ordinary and high-purity distillation, and pressure vessels.

Case Introduction


Electronic semiconductor

  The rapid development of large-scale integrated circuits, liquid crystal displays, photovoltaic industries and chips has led to rapid growth in the market demand for electronic special gases and wet electronic chemicals. Aisenco has accumulated a large number of processes and technologies in the application of chemical reactions and separation technologies Engineering experience can provide customers with complete solutions for pilot test and industrialization platforms. Our services include process design and calculation, engineering design, high-purity equipment manufacturing, clean pipeline installation, modular design, system commissioning, etc. We have Clean production workshop with controllable environment and complete production and testing equipment. The production process strictly controls the content of metal impurities. According to the process requirements, the inner surface of the equipment is pickled, passivated, electrochemically treated, degreased and degreased to ensure that the system Dust-free, oil-free and grease-free.

Photovoltaic and new energy

In the context of deteriorating global environment, China is short of oil and gas, and the development of new energy and clean energy has become an urgent situation. The challenges and opportunities faced by the chemical industry, Aishengke proposes to develop new processes and technologies for new energy. High-performance and low-cost materials meet technical needs; with the help of chemical processes and equipment, solutions are provided in the auxiliary processes of new energy and clean energy, and other measures to promote the development of new energy in China.



One of the main goals of the pharmaceutical industry is to provide affordable medicines to people all over the world. Taking this as the development goal, Aisenco has cooperated with customers in the pharmaceutical industry for decades, providing customers with the synthesis of raw materials and the separation and purification of pharmaceutical intermediates. Aishengke will provide customers with professional process solutions and engineering technology, and provide complete solutions for the entire industrial production line.

Fine Chemicals

Chemical synthesis technology is an industrialized synthesis technology based on chemical technology, which uses chemical reactions between different elements to realize the production of chemical products. With the continuous increase of people's demand for fine chemical products, the chemical synthesis technology has been greatly developed and improved. In the field of fine chemical product production, the common chemical synthesis technologies of Aishengke mainly include halogenation reaction technology, catalytic Technology, ionic liquid technology, separation and compounding technology, etc., have provided a great development space for the production of our fine chemical products, optimized the production technology and process, improved the quality of chemical products, and improved the quality of related fine chemical product manufacturers. economic benefits.



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