What are the basics to know when purchasing a chemglass jacketed reactor

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When you need to purchase a chemglass jacketed reactor, you need to figure out several important specifications of the chemglass jacketed reactor. For example: volume, pressure requirements, temperature requirements, reaction medium, etc. Specifically, the basic issues in purchasing chemglass jacketed reactors include the following aspects:
What volume is required for a chemglass jacketed reactor?
The larger the volume, the higher the price. The specific volume chosen depends on the specific experimental requirements. Generally, the capacity is less than 5 liters. The ultra-large capacity chemglass jacketed reactor is not suitable for a narrow experimental environment, and it is easy to waste solvents.
Do chemglass jacketed reactors need stirring function?
The chemglass jacketed reactor has a stirring function, if not needed, you can choose hydrothermal synthesis, if you need high pressure reaction, you can choose stainless steel or metal reactor.
What temperature is required for the experiment?
Chemglass jacketed reactors can generally react in the range of -80°C to 250°C, if it does not meet your requirements, please consider using other types of reactors.
What is the reaction medium?
Common media include acids, bases, salts and hydrogen. Additionally, viscosity and pH valves should be considered. If the reaction material has a high viscosity, a large stirring torque is required. The pH valve is related to the material of the chemglass jacketed reactor. Generally, manufacturers use high borosilicate glass to manufacture chemglass jacketed reactors. This material is resistant to most chemicals.

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