Technical principle and distillation process of good price and quality 10l Short Path Distillation Kit

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Good price and quality 10l Short Path Distillation Kit10l Short Path Distillation Kit is a thermal separation process of heat-sensitive products under vacuum conditions, and it is a short distance distillation technology.
How does good price and quality 10l Short Path Distillation Kit Kit work?
In a short path distillation unit, a liquid solution or emulsion is suspended in an evaporating flask, which is connected by a short feed to a condenser or cooling unit. The evaporation flask is placed in a heating mantle that gradually raises the temperature of the solution to a predetermined boiling point, thereby causing the different compartments of the solution to evaporate.
The good price and quality 10l Short Path Distillation Kit distillation process consists of the following steps:
1. The distance that the material forms a liquid film on the heating surface reaches the built-in condenser and condenses, and is discharged through the outlet at the bottom of the evaporator, and the heavy component enters the residue collection tank of the distiller and is discharged from the outlet on the side.
2. The evaporated molecules condense on the condensation surface.
3. Collection and discharge of distillate and residue.
good price and quality 10l Short Path Distillation Kit can be customized according to the specific conditions of materials and user needs. It can be used for laboratory research and small-scale production. It is widely used in pilot scale scale-up in pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, food, flavor and fragrance industries.

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